BC Bonacure Repair Treatment

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BC Bonacure Repair Treatment
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#1 - Hair Therapy Treatment
       aka Exfoliate & Restore
#2- Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Seal
#3- BC Bonacure Moisture Mask
#4-BC Bonacure Smooth Express
#5- BC Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

BC Bonacure Repair TreatmentBC Bonacure Repair Treatment

BonaCure Hair Care Products

BC Bonacure Repair Treatment

 5 Repair Treatments  are now available for you to use at home

BC Bonacure
Hair Therapy

Exfoliate & Restore
BC Bonacure
Color Seal
BC Bonacure
Moisture Mask
BC Bonacure
Smooth Express
BC Bonacure
Sealed Ends

seal split ends

BonaCure 2 step restorative treatmentHair Therapy Treatment

this treatment is also know as Exfoliate & Restore
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aka Exfoliate & Restore

BC Repair Rescue Enzyme Extract Treatment

Duo-treatment for extremely chemically damaged hair, restoring elasticity and providing ultimate strengthening. Its as simple as ABCYouTube Video Choices
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Restore your hair Video

A- First shampoo your hair with any Bonacure Hair Therapy Shampoo

B- Treatment - Step 1: BC Bonacure
Enzyme Extract Treatment
for external repair

  • Apply 5-6 pumps from Step #1
  • massage & comb through hair
  • allow to penetrate 5 - 10 minutes
  • rinse

C- Treatment - Step 2: BC Bonacure Collagen Therapy Treatment for internal repair

  • Use 4 to 5 pumps and apply on towel-dried hair
  • Leave for 5 - 10 minutes
  • Rinse

2-Step Salon Treatment for seriously damaged hair! Now you can do it at home!

step 1 - enzyme extract treatment: is a Pre-treatment for external hair structure, improves smoothness and shine of hair surface. Leaves the hair ideally prepared for Step 2 with BC Bonacure Collagen Therapy.

  • Step 1 has  - Papaya extract containing the fruit enzyme ‘Papain’ is a high performing care ingredient, designed to remove damaged or dead proteins
  • Step 1 - Smoothes and refines the cuticle cells of the hair surface
  • Step 1 - Provides long lasting restructuring results and adds shine to the hair surface.

BC Enzyme Extract Treatment (Step #1) is not suitable to be used on its own. It is designed to remove damaged protein cells providing a smooth treatment base. Follow with  Step 2: BC Bonacure Collagen Therapy for internal repair.

step 2 - collagen therapy treatment: is a Rich treatment providing intensive regeneration of the inner hair structure, reinforcing it and restoring hair’s natural elasticity. Use on hair pre-treated with BC Enzyme Extract Treatment.

  • Step 2 has - Liquid Collagen-Complex – proven to reinforce the hair structure and restore natural elasticity.
  • Step 2 - The combination of high performing ingredients, provide the ultimate hair repair treatment.
  • Step 2 - Toughens over-soft chemically damaged hair to reinstate hair strength.

BC Bonacure Collagen Therapy (step#2) is designed to toughen and strengthen over-soft, chemically damaged hair.

Sealed Ends - Bonacure Sealed Ends

BC Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

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BC Bonacure Repair Treatment

Repairs damaged & porous split ends. Seals & protects the hair tips from further damage, resulting in healthy & strong ends for longer lasting hair full of vitality.

  • Softens & improves comb ability of dry, brittle ends
  • Amino Acids penetrate deeply & repair the inner hair structure
  • CureaTec Protein restructures & strengthens hair from the inside out
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 provide moisture
  • Silicone Oil, the anti-static agent, prevents further damage

1- Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair. Smooth through the hair ends with the fingertips.
2- Do NOT Rinse Out


Bonacure Color Seal Treatment Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Seal Treatment

Order Bonacure Color Seal
Intensive regeneration for colored hair (Deep Conditioner) It restructures from deep within making the hair soft and resistant to damage. Color Seal Treatment seals in the color allowing it to be the perfect color maintenance treatment for long-lasting brilliance and beautiful hair. The care content is 20% higher than that of color Save Conditioner

  • Color stabilizers protect hair against color fade
  • Special UV filters protect hair from environmental effects
  • amino acid penetrates & repair inner hair structure
  • QCA is added for extreme smoothness

Directions: Use once or twice a week. Apply to towel-dried hair, massage through covering hair shaft and ends.  Leave 5 to 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly

Bonacure Moisture Mask Treatment Conditioner Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Mask Conditioner

Order Bonacure Moisture Masque
BC Moisture
(Salon Exclusive) Mask Conditioner: With ApHinity (affinity) technology and  rehydrating Aloe Vera Extract. Intensive treatment for very dry hair (including naturally curly & permed hair). Infuses the hair with deep-penetrating moisture ingredients ensuring perfect moisture balance and regeneration of the hair structure. Leaves hair extremely supple & shiny. Give curls new bounce and elasticity Makes Frizzy extremely dry hair easier to mange.

Directions: use mask every 3 - 4 shampoos or as often as needed. Shampoo using Bonacure Moisture Shampoo, towel dry hair,  apply mask evenly and work through hair, leave in 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Smooth Express - Salon Treatment Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Smooth Express Conditioner

Order Bonacure Smooth Express
BC Moisture (Salon Exclusive) Smooth Express Conditioner: This salon exclusive treatment uses honey extracts to create well cared for smooooth hair. With ApHinity (affinity) technology, Smooth Express targets and delivers instant magnetic like hair care.

Directions: Apply, work through hair & Rinse immediately.

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